Walk the boundaries of the Cherokee and Catawba ancient hunting grounds.

Watch the early morning mist rise above the Broad River.

 Feel the Great Spirit move in you and through you.



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RiverMist, located in the foothills of North Carolina, provides a peaceful, safe environment for rest, relaxation, and renewal. It is a place for individuals or small groups to retreat from the everyday world and enjoy the peace, joy, and healing that time alone in nature can provide.

There are 150 acres of walking trails to explore or you may prefer to spend time sitting on one of the large meditation rocks. Maybe you just need an hour or two swinging in a hammock. Solitary time in the natural world can have a profound and long lasting effect on individuals who are willing to embark on this sacred journey.

At the end of the day gather around an open fire. Allow time to view the night sky without city lights. Be amazed at the number of stars visible on a clear night. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way? 

Come, feel the peace that only nature can provide. The abundant wildlife will bid you farewell as you depart refreshed and renewed.

Interested in spending a night or two? Longer? Our riverfront guest house is a available for individuals and small groups.




Victoria & Guy Hutchins, owners/caretakers

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